The Dreamchasers Platform

Within the dreamtrees environment, you can digitally connect with others pursuing the same goals.


Using our three-step method you indicate your dreams, skills, and the (eco)systems you have access to. After you entered this information, our AI will match you with individuals working towards the same goals, but with different skills and accessible ecosystems/networks. You have the option to refine your criteria based on your personal preferences after which you can start setting up your new mutual venture. Not only does DreamLink offers multiple tools and templates, but it also connects your newly-founded organization with potential collaboration opportunities.


Define your dreams and include them on your profile to connect with people that share your dreams and passions.


Assess which complementary skills are missing in your team and connect with people that have these skills to build the team you need.


Identify which (eco)systems you and your team members are and need to be present in to strategically make the right resources and organizations accessible.