Meet The Team

Executive Board


Joey Moreau

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Joey is the founder of 2 startups and in recent years has developed into an expert in the fields of open innovation, disruptive tech & Corporate Startup Collaboration. He previously supported organizations such as Dentsu, Vodafone & Telefonica with the likes of their innovation projects. Through his experiences at both corporate and startup levels, he has learned a lot about the road and obstacles between idea-stage and multi-billion dollar ventures. Most recently, he used his experience to build a new startup & innovation ecosystem together with the city of Almere and raised nearly 2 million for the collective IPO of 30 Impact Driven startups. Regardless of his young age, Joey is well on his way to become a thought leader in the innovation space. At GDV, Joey occupies himself with business development and CCO related tasks.


Aref Ghazvini

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Aref is a seasoned strategist with international experience in creating and leveraging market opportunities. Aref managed to identify multiple new innovations trends which he helped Fortune 500 companies take advantage of. Additionally, as a portfolio manager, he has been responsible for overseeing and supporting a portfolio of over 180 startup investments helping them with fundraising, financial modeling, and investor relations. By combining his in-depth business and financial skills with a passion for clean energy, horizon 3 innovation, and sustainability he has made himself a key player in the European innovation landscape. At GDV, Aref occupies himself with the delivery of the projects, management of the portfolio, and all COO-related tasks.

Advisory Board


Han Brussel

Business Development

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The experience that Han brings from his management and management positions at, among others, Getronics and the participating interests of Moreless Group, makes him a generalist in operational management. His strength lies in the strategic aspect of business operations, making ideas operational and designing for different customer groups. Han sees opportunities as a result of his movements through the business landscape as a successful angel investor. He closely monitors various projects and activities where he operates as a management consultant or as an active director.


Paul Moreau

Security & Finance

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Paul has held a number of positions at management and board level at Getronics, Alphyra, DA Systems and Pinlinq (now Sepay). Paul then went on to delve deeper into a number of specific segments that deal with payment solutions. Based on that background and experience, he is seen in the market as an expert in his fields, certainly when it comes to support and advice about setting up new products, services and organizational forms. Paul has held top positions in the field of security as Security Officer & Consultant and is currently responsible for Finance, Security and Compliance at Payplaza.

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Kauan von Novack

Strategy & Innovation

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Kauan is a Strategist with focus in building businesses through strong relationships with partners, proper business development and state-of-the-art marketing techniques.
He has worked in 5 different continents with innovation acceleration, strategy, marketing, branding, online optimization and business development. With solid results in more than 8 market segments (including fashion, retail, real estate, politics), his strength is on being able to transform embryo ideas into multimillionaire projects. Kauan is currently active as Managing Director at Startupbootcamp.