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Meet The Team

Executive Board

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Joey Moreau
Co-Founder & CEO

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Joey is the founder of 2 startups and in recent years has developed into an expert in the fields of open innovation, disruptive tech & Corporate Startup Collaboration. Most recently, he used his experience to build a new startup & innovation ecosystem together with the city of Almere and raised nearly 2 million for the collective IPO of 30 Impact Driven startups. Regardless of his young age, Joey is well on his way to become a thought leader in the innovation space. At GDV, Joey occupies himself with business development and CCO related tasks.


Aref Ghazvini
Co-Founder & COO

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Aref is a seasoned strategist with international experience in creating and leveraging market opportunities. Aref managed to identify multiple new innovations and trends which he helped Fortune 500 companies take advantage of. Additionally, as a portfolio manager, he has been responsible for overseeing and supporting a portfolio of over 180 startup investments helping them with fundraising, financial modeling, and investor relations. At GDV, Aref occupies himself with the delivery of the projects, management of the portfolio, and all COO-related tasks.


Mick Smits
Co-Founder & CTO

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Mick is a self-taught software developer, mainly working on REST API and data processing projects. He enjoys typescript, rust, and python. Unfortunately, he also has experience with the AWS ecosystem. His personal interest and love for the field of coding and creating has allowed for Mick to build many proprietary technologies in a variety of fields. With his 360 degree skill set, Mick is in the lead for every technological development done within and by GDV.

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