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Grupo Del Valle

Together, to get there.

Grupo Del Valle (also known as GDV Ventures BV), a holding company registered in the Netherlands, supports and unites innovative entrepreneurs & organizations through investments, commercialization & growth hacking.

Our Services

How We Work

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1. Bizdex

Access our app which includes a network of potential clients, investors and experts and download a suite with all the tools and templates you need to grow your business. This helps us get to know eachother.

New business partnership

2. Partnerships

Let us help you grow and monetize your business in a partnership structure. We help you increase topline or decrease bottomline and profit from the margins created. If you don't win, you don't pay us.

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3. Investments

If we really believe in your idea, team and business model we are keen on becoming a shareholder in your company. Send us the details about your funding round and let's explore our opportunities together.

About The Group


We Distribute The Economy

GDV helps people and organizations in two different ways. At the core of our solution lies a movement, a community in which everybody is actively pursuing their goals and realize their dreams through the use of collaborative principles. We bring people together both in real life on the street through our streetwear and online with our apps and platforms. The distributed infrastructure that enables this new way of doing business can and will also affect our political and economical structures in the long run. If you're interested in the full scope of our ventures and the philosophy behind them, find out how it works by clicking on the button below!

To enable a new way of doing business.

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